About Jaidas

Hari Om

Jaidas.com is dedicated to the exploration of bhakti, or devotion, through bhajans and kirtans. My wish is to share as much as I can about the bhajans that are dearest to me and explain, to the best of my limited ability, what I can of the eternal message and supreme love they offer us. These bhajans are rooted in Hinduism, but their words will bring guidance to spiritual seekers on any path to the One Truth.

I have no particular prowess in poetry or in its analysis and any wisdom that I share is not mine, but simply what has been shown to me by my many teachers and my loving parents. I hope sincerely that you find something here that can inspire you to even greater heights, both in your practical life and in your inward journey.

If you have a bhajan or kirtan you would like to share, I would be delighted to hear from you. All I ask is that you also provide an English translation.

With Love

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