Sabse Unchi Prem Sagai

sabse ūńcī prema sagāī
Love is the highest form of worship (or way to know the Lord)

duryodhana ko mevā tyāgo
sāga vidura ghara pāī

When Duriyodhan invited Krishna to his palace for a feast
Krishna instead found the house of his humble devotee Vidhurji

jūṭhe phala sabarī ke khāye
bahu vidhi prema lagāī
Shabri offered her half-eaten fruits to Lord Ram
With so much love this was done (so He would only receive the sweetest fruits)

prema ke basa arjuna ratha hāńkhyo
bhūla gaye ṭhakurāī
With such love, He rode Arjun’s chariot
And forgot He was actually himself a Prince

aisi prīti baḍhī vṛndāvana
gopina nāca nacāī

So great was the love in Vrindhavan
Govinda danced His Ras Lila with the gopis

sūra krūra is lāyaka nāhī
kaha lag karau baḍāi
Surdas says although I am unworthy
You still have mercy and give love to me
About this bhajan

What a wonderful composition by Surdas. Following each of the well known stories of Krishna and Ram, it shows how the Lord show his love to his devotees in seeing their love for Him. Truly, the Lord loves all but those who have pure love for Him are especially close to Him and become at one with Him.

Achyutam Keshavam

Achyutam Keshavam Krishna Damodaram,
Rama naraynam Janaki-vallabham,

(praising the Lord Krishna, with different names of Vishnu)
Kaun kehta hai Bhagvan aate nahi
Tum Meera ke jaise bulate nahi,
… Achyutam …

Who says God does not come? You don’t call Him with the devotion of Meera

Kaun kehta hai Bhagvan khaate nahi,
Ber Shabri ke jaise khilate nahi, … Achyutam …

Who says God does not eat? You don’t feed him like how Shabari fed him

Kaun kehta hai Bhagvan Sote nahi,
Maa Yashoda ke jaise sulate nahin,
… Achyutam …

Who says God does not sleep? You don’t make him sleep like how Mother Yashoda did

Kaun kehta hai Bhagvan naachte nahi,
Tum Gopi ke jaise nachaate nahin, Achyutam…

Who says God does not dance? You don’t make him dance like how Gopis did


About this Bhajan
This wonderful bhajan is so simple and yet conveys such a beautiful message. We often expect the Lord to come running at our beck and call, but how often do we show Him the same unconditional love He shows us? If we show and live with the kind of love shown by these saints, surely we will see only His love any every word, every thought and every action. Their love did not ask for anything in return, but was simply expressed for what it was – whether it was the devotion of Meerabai, or the dance of the Gopis, this love was so intense that nothing else could possibly remain besides this love, and all other desires and impressions were eliminated. Through just their bhakti, they became one with Him.

Kya Sunder Tera Naam

Nārāyan….. Nārāyan…..
ārāyan, Nārāyan, kyā sunder térā nāam

Narayan, Narayan, how sweet is your name

Svāsé svāsé sumiran karilé, vrath svās math khoi
ā bharosā svāsa kā, yā phir āvan hoi na hoi

Breath by breath remember his name, waste not a single breath
What trust is there in breath, that another breath will come

āvan mé gopio, gāyun, vyuksh bolé nāam
ā Krishnā, Rādhā vallabh, murli manohar Shyām

In Vrindavan, gopis, cows, and trees whisper his name
Krishna Krishna, Radha’s love, Shyam to whose flute the mind is lost

Draupadi n
é jab tumhé pukārā sāari āane badāi
āam ke lekar vish bi piy gaya, dekho Mirā bāi

When Drapuadi remembered your name, her saari become eternally long
Taking your name she even drank poison, our beloved Mirabai

ām bolun yā Shyām bolun, ék vinanthi hé
Janam janam m
é térā sunder nāam ratthé rahengé

Whether I sing Ram or I sing Shyam, I have only one wish
(that) For every life I am reborn, your sweet name stays on my lips

About this bhajan
This is a bhajan I have written, or should really say assembled as I have borrowed many of the words from some beautiful written works or bhajans. The first verse is taken from a book called Hari Ras (as sung by Shree Navin Pattni). The third verse is also from a bhajan written by Narsi Metha – “Shree Radhe Govinda”.

[EDIT] Listen to the track
You can hear a recording of this track that was done in 2017: