Aarti – Om Jaye Jagdish Hare

Om jaye jagdeesh hare
Swami jay jagdeesh hare
Bhakth jano ke sankat
Daas jano ke sankat
Kshan me door kare
Om jaye jagdeesh hare 

O Lord! Victory to the Lord of the universe,
O Lord! O Master!
Victory to the protector of the needy.
He removes the afflictions of the devotees and of those who serve Him, in a split second.

Jo dhyave phal paave
Dukh bin se mann ka (2)
Sukh sampati ghar aave (2)
Kasht mite tan ka
Om jaye jagdeesh hare… 

Those who centre their mind in meditation
Their minds remain free from sorrow
May there be joy and prosperity in the home,
May the afflictions of the body end

Maatha pithaa tum mere
Sharan karu me kiski (2)
Tum bin aur ne dooja (2)
Aas karoona me jiski
Om jaye jagdeesh hare… 

You are my mother and father,
Whom else can I ask refuge from.
There is no one other than you,
The one on whom I cast my hopes.

Tum pooran parmathma
Tum antarayaami (2)
Paar bramh parmeshwar (2)
Tum sabke swami
Om jaye jagdeesh hare… 

You are the ancient supreme being,
O Master, you are the inner controller of all life.
You are the supreme Reality, the supreme Lord.
You are the master of everyone.

Tum karura ke saagar
Tum paalan karta (2)
May moorakh khal kaami
May sevak tum swami
Kripa karo bharta
Om jaye jagdeesh hare… 

You are an ocean of compassion,
You are the nurturer and nourisher
I am a mere fool and am lust ridden.
I am thy servant and thou my master.
Oh Master please be forgiving.

Tum ho ek agochar
Sabke praana pati (2)
Kis vidh miloon daya may
Kis vidh miloon kripa may
Tum ko mein kumati
Om jaye jagdeesh hare… 

You are the One witness, beyond the senses.
You are behind the life force and sentient activity.
O Compassionate One! With what means am I to meet to you.
O Kind One! With what means am I to meet to you.
This foolish one asks.

Deen bandhu dukh hartha
Tum rakshak mere
Swami rakshak tum mere
Apne haath utaoo
Apne sharan lagaao
Dvaar paraa hu tere
Om jaye jagdeesh hare… 

Friend to the poor and remover of sorrow
O Master you are my saviour.
Please lift thy hand (to bless me)
Offer me thy refuge
At thy feet

Vishay Vikaar mitaao
Paap haro deva (2)
Shradha  bhakti bhadao (2)
Santan ki seva
Om jaye jagdeesh hare… 

Please remove the agitation of my mind
O Master! Remove my sin.
Grow me in my devotion
Grow me in love
In eternal service to thee

Tana mana dhana hai tera
Sab kuch hai tera
Swami sab kuch hai tera
Teraa tuja ko arpan (2)
Kya Laage mera
Om jaye jagdeesh hare… 

My mind body and soul are yours
All these are yours and your alone
Oh Master all these are yours alone
What I offer you is already yours
What can I really call mine?

About this aarti

This is one of my favourite aarti’s, sung in love and reverence to Vishnu. I don’t think I fully understand it until I decided to write it out in English, with the help of my good friend Dr Milen Shah. The meaning is truly beautiful, and I especially like the last verse which I was surprised to find that some people don’t sing.