Prabhuji, Tum Chandan, Hum Pani

Prabhuji, Tum Chandan, Hum Pani
Jaaki Ang Ang Baas Samaani

Prabhuji, you are the chandan (sandalwood paste), I am the water
Only by merging with you is the sandalwood fragrance released

Prabhuji, Tum Ghan, Ban Hum Mora

Jaise Chitwat Chand Chakora

Prabhuji, you are the thundering clouds, I become a peacock (that longs to dance to the rain)
(or) Like the chakora bird who longs to see the moon…

Prabhuji, Tum Moti, Hum Dhaga

Jaise Sonhe Milat Suhaga

Prabhuji, you are like a pearl and I am the string (losing its identity in a rosary of pearls)
Gold has no fragrance of its own, despite being so beautiful. It would therefore become even more beautiful by gaining a fragrance (sonhe me suhaga). Through losing myself in you this gold (I), gains its fragrance.

Prabhuji, Tum Deepak Hum Baati,
Jaaki Jyoti Barai Dini Raati

Prabhuji, you are like the diya and I am the burning wick
Together we create the flame (light) which burns night and day

Prabhuji, Tum Swami, Hum Dasa

Aisi Bhakti Karai Raidasa

Prabhuji, you are Swami, and I am your servant
This way of devotion is followed by Raidasa

About this bhajan
This beautiul bhajan was composed by Raidasa, the guru of Mirabai. Through a string of colourful metaphors, he shows the non-duality between man and God. With remarkable delicacy he even explains the yearning for the jiva and atman for each other and their dependancy on each other to produce the vibrant and full expression of the Lord.

It has been sung wonderfully by Anup Jalota.
You can view it on youtube here.

6 thoughts on “Prabhuji, Tum Chandan, Hum Pani

  1. implicate_order says:

    Sone mein suhaaga means something else. Here the analogy is given between the string (bhakt) and pearls (Prabhu). Just like Gold is mixed with Borax (suhaga) to purify during Gold extraction. So the message is that the Bhakt exists to serve God.


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